A few words from Dr. Helen Fisher

Starting a relationship should be fun. It is good for the mind and body. And, fun is good for love. Did you know any kind of novel game is likely to drive up dopamine in the brain? It's the natural stimulant that can make you more susceptible to romance. So - we have decided to help you get in the mood with a few chemistry starters.

In the beginning of a relationship, you know almost nothing about each other. Which means, you tend to overweigh the few morsels of information you receive. As a result, the getting to know you process is full of breaking points. These little moments take on heavy (and unrealistic) meanings that can send you flying out the door - sometimes too quickly.

Now, thanks to these chemistry starters, you can meet new people in a fun and interesting way. All the while, picking up facts, ideas and points of view about one another that will strengthen your bond. It's our hope this will help you pole vault those early breaking points - guiding you successfully on your journey toward finding the one.

So, in the gaming spirit, I'd like to share my motto with you, "We're here. We're alive. Let's play."

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