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What makes us different?

Chemistry is the brand dedicated to helping our members get to know someone online before they meet face-to-face. Using our fun and unique activities to flirt and discover more about each other, our members can make the first date feel like they're meeting for the second time. It starts with our Personality Test designed by Dr. Helen Fisher and taken by over 10,000,000 people worldwide that lets us get to know each member – and their match.

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Premium Commission for a Premium Service

Subscription 100% Commission Bonus Incentive*
1-Month/$49.95 $49.95 $62.44
3-Month/$99.96 $99.96 $124.95
6-Month/$159.90 $159.90 $199.88

* All affiliates earn 100% commission on first time subscription revenue. Affiliates who generate 50 or more subscription in a calendar month earn a 25% bonus on all first time subscriptions generated that month for a total of 125% commission!

Additional features of Chemistry's industry leading affiliate program: lifetime registration tracking, interactive personality tests, highly converting creative updated frequently, and much more.

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